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The NVFlex™ is LOMO’s latest Night Vision Device. It can be used either as a handheld monocular or attached to a 35mm/digital camera or camcorder attachment. The high-resolution Gen.1+ Image Tube and dual Infrared illumination system deliver sharp images in all lighting conditions — for both observation and photography.
NVFlex™ [click to enlarge]
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NVFlex™ [click to enlarge]

Key Features:
• Compact, lightweight, rugged, and ergonomically designed night vision goggles
• Improved total-darkness capabilities with two Infrared Illuminators — built-in short-range and attachable long-range (up to 60m/200ft)
• Unsurpassed image quality — high-resolution Gen.1+ Image Tube 
• Built-in light sensor and flash-protection circuit
• All “Monocular Viewer” features
• Adaptable to most major brands of 35mm cameras, digital cameras and camcorders with photo/video conversion kit (sold separately). The kit includes the projection eyepiece, and camera/camcorder adapter rings (37mm, 40.5mm, 46mm, 49mm, 52mm)

NVFlex Body
Long-range Infrared Illuminator attachment 
40 mm(3x) f/1.2 Lens
Widefield eyepiece for observation
High-performance projection eyepiece for photography
Camera/Camcorder Adapter Rings

Other adapter rings are available from your local camera/camcorder retailer

 Technical Specification:
Generation  1
Image Tube Gain  15,000 max
Magnification 3X
Resolution  30lp/mm
Objective Lens Focal length, f/ratio 40mm, f / 1.2
Field of View  12° 
Focusing Range  1.2m/4ft- inf.
Effective Viewing Range* 100m/ 110yards
Battery Type  AAA (2)
Weight (without batteries) 340g (12Oz)
Dimensions (mm / inches)

135x65x82 / 5¼x2½x3¼

Best Suited for:
• Hiking
• Camping
• Fishing
• Boating
• Law Enforcement
• Home Security
• Wildlife observation
• Nighttime photography
• Video-surveillance 
• Evidence gathering …and more! 

*Approximate viewing distances under optimal conditions: clear night, full moon, high visibility

Home -> Products -> Night Vision Devices -> NVFlex