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The most versatile microscopes in their class...
quite possibly, the best!

From physician's office to clinical lab...
from high school to medical school...
from dedicated hobbyist to university scientist...

MULTISCOPE™ Modular Microscopes satisfy all your educational, medical diagnostic, and research requirements.


Designed by American and Russian engineers and built by LOMO PLC, the MULTISCOPE Series combines the highest optical quality and unsurpassed versatility with many unique features unavailable from any other microscope manufacturer in the world. And yet, MULTISCOPE™ remains the most economical choice in its class for the budget-conscious buyer. Easy to use and reliable, MULTISCOPE™ Modular Microscopes combine high performance and durability.

What can MULTISCOPE™ Modular Microscopes do?
(Please see Application Guide)

Almost everything a $5000 research scope can.
To better match the diversity of your applications, the MULTISCOPE Series comes in more than ten standard models, capable of performing the most critical tasks of Brightfield, Phase Contrast, and Polarized Light microscopy.

Upgrade packages are available for other contrast techniques:

  • Darkfield
  • Oblique Illumination
  • Epi-Brightfield/Darkfield/Polarization

A wide range of accessories is available for:


MULTISCOPE™ employs a simple and easy-to-use product identification system:

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MULTISCOPE™ Modular Microscopes provide you with a choice of three easily interchangeable high-performance observation heads, all 360° rotatable for comfortable viewing. LOMO's exclusive multilayer coating technology ensures bright, flare-free images.


MULTISCOPE™ Modular Microscopes are built around a versatile, rugged, chemical- and scratch-resistant stand – the UniFrame™.


MULTISCOPE™ Modular Microscopes include a chrome-plated quadruple nosepiece with built-in precision click stops for parfocality and parcentricity of the objectives. The dovetail mount allows for the use of a second nosepiece with pre-installed phase contrast or fluorescence objectives.


MULTISCOPE™ Modular Microscopes feature a choice of three stages:


MULTISCOPE™ Modular Microscopes feature two standard high-performance condensers. Two additional condensers are available as options.




Illumination system
The built-in variable 12V/20W halogen illuminator ensures bright, crisp images for all contrast techniques and furnishes superb color temperature control for photomicrography. An internal heat-absorbing filter protects your specimen from heat-related degradation. 

Variable brightness control
An external power supply improves ease and safety of operation (no line voltage is supplied to the all-metal microscope body). The unit features six preset voltage positions, an ON/OFF switch, a built-in fuse holder, and a detachable low-voltage cord for convenient storage.

For field research or some educational applications, the optional plano-concave mirror (Ř50mm) can be installed on any MULTISCOPE Series microscope.


MULTISCOPE™ Modular Microscopes feature an array of brilliant and economical EA-Series Achromats and Plan Achromats. They are developed specifically for routine and educational needs, but they perform just as well for critical work and photomicrography. The sophisticated color-correcting design and LOMO's exclusive multilayer coating technology deliver flare-free, high-contrast images; when used in combination with our high-performance condensers and aspherical collector lenses, these objectives provide bright and uniform illumination across a wider field of view.


Standard on all MULTISCOPE™ Modular Microscopes are the ESW-10X eyepieces with widened fields of view (F.N. 18) and high eyepoint. These eyepieces significantly decrease chromatic aberrations, improving overall optical performance and providing convenient observation. An optional EKW-15X (F.N. 11) eyepiece is available for use with monocular models. A range of high-quality optional eyepieces, including measuring and photo eyepieces and LOMO's exclusive and unique EDUPOINTER teaching eyepiece, is also available.


The polarizer is placed over the exit light source and is 360° rotatable. The analyzer is fixed and pre-installed in the microscope's observation tube. An analyzer and a polarizer are included with every standard Polarization model.

MULTISCOPE™ Modular Microscopes accept an of Epi-Illuminator upgrade package that may be mounted between the UniFrame™ and an observation head for reflected light microscopy


Epi-Brightfield/Darkfield/Polarization: EA-5 attachment
For the surface examination of opaque or translucent specimens, the EA-5 Epi-lllumination attachment transforms your microscope into a materials research instrument with Brightfield, Darkfield, and Polarization capabilities.


MULTISCOPE™ Modular Microscopes come with everything you need to start performing your task, right from the box. In the future, if either your budget allows or your application changes, you can always upgrade your microscope. Six Upgrade Packages and a full range of accessories are available.

Upgrade Packages:
UP-PH3 Upgrade Package

Phase Contrast, 10X/20X/40X
UP-PH4 Upgrade Package
Phase Contrast, 10X/20X/40X/100X Oil
UP-DF1 Upgrade Package    
UP-BO1 Upgrade Package
Oblique Illumination
UP-EA5 Upgrade Package
UP-OI35 Upgrade Package


Weight (microscope only): Approx. 5kg (11lb)
Power Consumption: Max. 21VA


OPTICAL SYSTEM: 160mm Mechanical Tube Length, 33mm Parfocal Distance, 28X–1500X Magnification for observation


Phase Contrast


mmh3bf.gif (732 bytes)

mmh4bf.gif (510 bytes)

bmh4bf.gif (506 bytes)

tmh4bf.gif (492 bytes)

mmh3ph.gif (529 bytes)

mmh4ph.gif (520 bytes)

bmh4ph.gif (720 bytes)

tmh4ph.gif (489 bytes)

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HEAD Monocular 45° inclined, 360° rotatable. Magnification factor:1X

Binocular 45° inclined, 360° rotatable. Magnification factor:1.5X. IPD adjustment range: 55mm-75mm. DA for the left eyepiece: ±5dpt                    
Trinocular 30° inclined, 360° rotatable. Magnification changer (1.1X, 1.6X, 2.5X). IPD adjustment range: 55mm-75mm. DA for the left eyepiece: ±5dpt. Built-in optical path selector and Bertrand lens.                  
STAND UniFrame™ • Observation head universal dovetail mount. Accepts heads, Epi-Illuminators, and photo-attachments.
• Dovetail nosepiece mount. Allows the use of an interchangeable nosepiece or an Epi-Objective adapter.
• Centerable condenser mount. Rack and pinion focusing with tension adjustment and safety stop.
• Condenser vertical movement: 22mm.
• Sturdy and stable base with four rubber feet.
• Chemical- and scratch-resistant finish.
FOCUSING Coarse Two large knurled knobs. Built-in slip clutch mechanism. Tension adjustment. Travel range: 42mm
FineWheel™ Large knurled disk built into the base. Adjustment range: 2.5mm with 0.45mm of vertical travel per full revolution.
NOSEPIECE Quadruple Built-in precision click stops for parfocality and parcentricity of the objectives. Dustproof. Chrome-plated.
STAGE Mechanical High-precision mechanical stage. Low coaxical X/Y controls. Size: 135mm x 120mm. Specimen cross-travel: 80mm x 40mm. Scale graduation: 1mm. Vernier accuracy: 0.1mm.        
Rotatable Round, 360° rotatable, centerable stage. Size: Ř122mm. Two integral centering knobs and locking screw. Knurled edge for comfortable grip. Two specimen clips.                  
CONDENSER Brightfield N.A. 1.25, Abbe type. Spherically corrected. Built-in aperture diaphragm and a swing-out filter holder.        
Phase Contrast N.A. 0.8, with four annulus rings and the Brightfield position. Centerable with two alignment knobs. Build-in aperture diaphragm and a swing-out filter holder.                
ILLUMINATION Variable Halogen Built in, 12V/20W. Easy bulb replacement and filament alignment. Internal heat-absorbing filter. External power supply for additional safety and cooler operation.
OBJECTIVES EAB Achromats (3) 4 X 0.12, 10 X 0.25, 40 X 0.65 (spring loaded)                    
EAB Achromats (4) 4 X 0.12, 10 X 0.25, 40 X 0.65 (spring loaded), 100 X 1.25 Oil Immersion (spring loaded)            
EAP Achromats (3) 10 X 0.30, 20 X 0.40, 40 X 0.65                      
EAP Achromats (4) 10 X 0.30, 20 X 0.40, 40 X 0.65, 100 X 1.25 Oil Immersion (spring loaded)                    
EYEPIECES ESW Series (1 pc) 10X, F.N. 18 Widefield. High eyepoint.            
ESW Series (2 pc) 10X, F.N. 18 Widefield. High eyepoint.            
POLARIZING Polarizer 360° rotatable, graduated in 45° increments. Mounts onto the illuminator housing.                
Analyzer 360° rotatable. Mounts under the observation heads.                
FILTERS Diffusing Ř33mm.
Blue Ř33mm.
Green Ř33mm.                 
Miscellaneous Instruction manual, dust cover, spare bulb, immersion oil (Type A, 1/4 oz)
Note: Each Trinocular Model (TMH4-BF, TMH4-PH, TRH4-POL) is available in three configurations with either Video, Photo Tube or Eyepiece Tube Vertical Adapter

(USA, Canada, and Mexico only)

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MULTISCOPE™ Microscopes are warranted to be free from defects in material and workmanship for the life of the instrument. Normal wear, or damage resulting from abuse, accident, alteration, misuse, service by an unauthorized party or shipping damage, are excluded from this warranty and are not covered. LOMO America, Inc. will repair or replace the defective microscope covered by this warranty free of charge if it is returned, postage prepaid, to LOMO America's Service Center in Prospect Heights, Illinois in its original package. A Return Authorization Number (RAN) has to be obtained from LOMO America, Inc. prior to shipping. This warranty gives you specific legal rights. You may also have other rights that vary from state to state and country to country.

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