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Setting the New Perfomance Standard in Laboratory and Clinical Microscopy...

LABOROSCOPE™ Laboratory/Clinical Microscopes

LOMO has designed the LABOROSCOPE™ Series with advanced features to guarantee durability and enhance the ease and convenience of operation so important for laboratory and clinical work.

The elegant and efficient LABOROSCOPE™ combines the highest optical performance with unsurpassed mechanical quality. All LABOROSCOPES are backed by LOMO's unique Lifetime Warranty, the most comprehensive in the industry. Offering the advantages of all three major contrast techniques Brightfield, Phase Contrast and Darkfield and perfectly suited for photomicrography, the LABOROSCOPE™ always delivers sharp, crisp images, setting the new performance standard in laboratory and clinical microscopy.


LABOROSCOPE™ provides you with a choice of two easily interchangeable high-performance observation heads, both 360 rotatable for comfortable viewing. LOMO's exclusive multilayer coating technology ensures bright, flare-free images.


Every LABOROSCOPE™ comes standard with:

  • 2 EKW-10X compensating, widefield eyepieces
  • 2 EKW-15X compensating, widefield eyepieces
  • 1 EM-15X focusing eyepiece with 2 standard graticules; a 10mm / 100div scale and a 10mm x 10mm / 400 square grid.


The large, sturdy 200mm x 250mm base, with four rubber feet, provides maximum stability and insulates the LABOROSCOPE™ from vibrations a particular advantage for photomicrography. The base's ergonomic design features built-in, chemical-resistant armrests that are raised to allow easy access to all controls while the microscopist's palms rest comfortably during the entire operation.


Smooth coaxial focusing is achieved by the LABOROSCOPE's wear-resistant roller-race mechanism that virtually eliminates backlash and unwanted lateral shift of the specimen. One full revolution of the large knurled knobs corresponds to 6.5mm (coarse) and .250mm (fine) of the stage's vertical movement. The fine focus can be adjusted over the entire 27mm range of the coarse focus. The graduated micrometer knob allows vertical measurements accurate to 0.002mm, and a slip-clutch mechanism is built in.


The LABOROSCOPE's quadruple revolving nosepiece has a wide knurled grip for easy rotation features, and a precision ball-bearing mechanism with click stops for parfocality, parcentricity and exact optical alignment.


Convenient, fatigue-free operation is assured by low-position X and Y coaxial controls with large knurled knobs. The specimen holder is adjustable and removable for unobstructed slide manipulation or observation of large specimens such as culture dishes. The precise, wear-resistant mechanism allows smooth specimen cross-travel of 76mm x 30mm, measured against two 1mm-graduated scales with verniers accurate to 0.1mm. The large stage is 160mm x 140mm and is coated with a special chemical-resistant epoxy for years of use in the rugged laboratory environment.


To better accommodate the diversity of your laboratory and clinical applications, two high-performance chromatically corrected condensers are available. Specifically developed to optically match the LABOROSCOPE's illumination system, they provide critical focus with any specimen.


The 6V/25W Koehler halogen illumination system guarantees sharp, bright images for all contrast techniques, and perfect color temperature control for photomicrography. The dedicated in-base power supply ensures continuous regulation of light intensity, and the intensity control also incorporates the on-off switch to extend bulb life. The reliable electronics system is protected by a fuse, and also features a 110/220V input voltage selector for using the LABOROSCOPE™ anywhere in the world. The power cord is detachable for convenient storage, and is UL and CSA listed.


The overall value of the LABOROSCOPE™ is largely determined by the brilliant optical performance of LOMO's newest series of Q-Plan Achromatic Objectives.

A LABOROSCOPE™ equipped with Q-Plan Achromats is capable of performing 99% of all tasks in Brightfield, Phase Contrast and Darkfield microscopy.


LABOROSCOPE™ Laboratory/Clinical Microscopes come loaded with valuable extras that would cost hundreds of dollars more from any other manufacturer. Because we believe that you are entitled to start using your microscope right from the box, every LABOROSCOPE™ model always comes with:

  • 15X focusing eyepiece with two interchangeable reticles (a 10mm/100div scale and a 10mm x 10mm/400sq grid) for convenient measuring and counting.
  • a set of six high-quality filters to enhance your image.
  • a pinhole eyepiece insert to help you correctly align Koehler illumination.
  • a replacement bulb for uninterrupted operation.


The LABOROSCOPE™ comes with everything you need to start performing your task, right from the box. In the future, if either your budget allows or your application changes, you can always upgrade your microscope. Upgrade Packages and a full range of accessories are available.

Upgrade Packages:
UP-PH4M Upgrade Package
(Phase Contrast/Darkfield)
UP-DFM Upgrade Package (Darkfield)
UP-DFM1 Upgrade Package (Darkfield with OB-QPA100DF objective)
UP-BOM Upgrade Package (Oblique Illumination)




OPTICAL SYSTEM: 160mm Mechanical Tube Length, 45mm Parfocal Distance, 17.5X–1500X Magnification for Observation
HEAD Binocular 45 inclined, 360 rotatable. Magnification factor: 1.0X. IPD adjustment range: 54mm-76mm. DA for the left eyepiece: 5 dpt.
Trinocular 30 inclined. 360 rotatable. Magnification changer (1.1X, 1.6X, 2.5X. IPD adjustment range: 55mm-75mm. DA for the left eyepiece: 5dpt. Built-in optical path selector and a Bertrand lens.
STAND Head Mount Accepts heads and photo-attachments.
Stage Mount Allows quick stage re-installation with either right- or left-hand controls.
Condenser Mount Centerable. Rack-and-pinion focusing with tension adjustment and a safety stop. Condenser vertical movement: 25mm. Built-in filter holder [33mm).
Base Sturdy and stable with four rubber feet. Raised armrest. Built-in solid-state power supply. Dimensions: 200mm x 250mm. Chemical and scratch resistant.
FOCUSING Coarse Two large knurled knobs. Built-in slip clutch mechanism. Travel range: 27mm with 6.5mm of stage's vertical travel per full knob revolution.
Fine Two large knurled knobs. Focusable over the entire range of the coarse focus with 0.250mm of stage's vertical travel per full knob revolution.
NOSEPIECE Quadruple Built-in precision click stops for parfocality and parcentricity of the objectives. Dustproof. Chrome-plated. Wide knurled grip. Ball-bearing.
EYEPIECES Set of five 2 EKW-10X compensating, widefield eyepieces
2 EKW-15X compensating, widefield eyepieces
1 EM-15X focusing eyepiece with 2 standard graticules; a 10mm / 100div scale and a 10mm x 10mm / 400 square grid.
STAGE Mechanical High-precision mechanical stage. Low coaxial X/Y controls. Size: 160mm x 140mm. Specimen cross-travel: 76mm x 30mm. Scale graduation: 1mm. Vernier accuracy: 0.1mm.
CONDENSER Brightfield N.A. 0.9. Aplanatic. Chromatically corrected. Built-in aperture diaphragm.
Phase Contrast/ Darkfield N.A. 0.8. Chromatically corrected, with three annulus rings, Brightfield and Darkfield positions. Centerable with two alignment knobs. Built-in aperture diaphragm.
ILLUMINATION Koehler Halogen Built-in, 6V/25W. Continuous intensity regulation with integral on-off switch. 110V/220V voltage selector. Detachable UL/CSA listed power cord.
FILTERS Set of six 33mm.
Miscellaneous Instruction manual, dust cover, spare bulb, pinhole eyepiece insert, immersion oil (Type A, 1/4 oz).


Weight (microscope only): Approx. 10kg (22lb)
Power Consumption: Max. 30VA

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(USA, Canada, and Mexico only)

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LABOROSCOPE™ Microscopes are warranted to be free from defects in material and workmanship for the life of the instrument. Normal wear, or damage resulting from abuse, accident, alteration, misuse, service by an unauthorized party or shipping damage, are excluded from this warranty and are not covered. LOMO America, Inc. will repair or replace the defective microscope covered by this warranty free of charge if it is returned, postage prepaid, to LOMO America's Service Center in Prospect Heights, Illinois in its original package. A Return Authorization Number (RAN) has to be obtained from LOMO America, Inc. prior to shipping. This warranty gives you specific legal rights. You may also have other rights that vary from state to state and country to country.

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