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The ELF™-1 Night Vision Monocular is compact, lightweight, durable and easy to use. 
The eye-safe Infrared (IR) Illuminator allows operation in total darkness.
Elf™-1 [click to enlarge]
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Elf™-1 [click to enlarge]

Key Features:
• Smallest and lightest Night Vision Monocular in the world!
• Total-darkness capabilities with built-in eye-safe Infrared (IR) Illuminator 
• Unsurpassed image quality — excellent contrast and resolution in a variety of lighting conditions
• Built-in light sensor and flash-protection circuit

 Technical Specification:
Generation  1
Image Tube Gain  15,000 max
Magnification  1X
Resolution  25 lp/mm
Objective Lens Focal length, f/ratio 26mm, f/1.3
Field of View  22° 
Focusing Range  0.3m/1ft- inf.
Effective Viewing Range* 50m/ 55yards
Battery Type  AAA (2)
Weight (without batteries) 280g (10 Oz)
Dimensions (mm/ inches)

127 x 70 x 88/ 5 x 2¾ x 3½

Best Suited for:
• Hiking
• Camping
• Hunting
• Fishing
• Boating
• Rescue
• Home Security

To get User's Guide (623KB) click here

*Approximate viewing distances under optimal conditions: clear night, full moon, high visibility

We strongly urge our customers to learn about and abide by any local, national, and international laws and regulations restricting the export and importof Night Vision Products.

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Home -> Products -> Night Vision Devices -> Elf-1